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From 09 June 2013 to 03 July 2013

Hotel Villa Castagnola host Martha Argerich Concert on June 16th

Hotel Villa Castagnola host Martha Argerich Concert on June 16thThe Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola will held a concert on Sunday June 16th at 06 pm in Sala delle Palme. - A special offer including 2 nights stay, the Concert entrance on June 16th as well as a gourmet dinner has been created for you (see our "Offers" page on the above menu)

From 9 June to 3 July, Lugano will play host to the twelfth annual MARTHA ARGERICH PROJECT, promoted by Lugano Festival, the Swiss radio channel Rete Due and BSI Bank, which, thanks in part to the radio and CDs, has taken its place among the most important summer music series in Europe.

Artists who have been working with the great pianist Martha Argerich for a long time as well as other musicians, young and not so young, will take part in seven chamber music concerts at the RSI Auditorium, two symphony concerts at the Palazzo dei Congressi with the Orchestra della Svizzera italiana, six recitals at the Evangelical church and a concert on Sunday June 16th in the Sala delle Palme of the Grand Hôtel Villa Castagnola.

Such celebrates figures as Ilya Gringolts, Serge Nakariakov, Julian Rachlin, Serge Babayan will participates this year alongside artists who have already been present in previous years, thereby creating a circle of musicians well accustomed to playing together: the pianists Nicholas Angelich, Gabriele Baldocci, Walter Delahunt, Carlo Maria Griguoli, Alexander Gurning, Eduardo Hubert, Stephen Kovacevich, Karin Lechner, Polina Leschenko, Elena Lisitsian, Lily Maisky, Jura Margulis, Cristina Marton, Alexander Mogilevsky, Gabriela Montero, Francesco Piemontesi, Daniel Rivera, Akane Sakai, Alessandro Stella, Giorgia Tomassi, Mauricio Vallina, Alan Weiss, Julia Zaichina, Lilya Zilberstein; the violinists Renaud Capuçon, Michael Guttman, Lucia Hall, Geza Hosszu- Legocky, Mayu Kishima, Sascha Maisky, Alissa Margulis, Dora Schwarzberg; the violists Nathan Braude, Lyda Chen, Nora Romanoff; the cellists Jorge Bosso, Gautier Capuçon, Alexandre Debrus, Mark Drobinsky, Mischa Maisky, Jing Zhao.

Among the performers - well-known ones as well as youngsters - who will take part in the series for the first time there are the violinist Andrey Baranov and the pianists Thomás Alegre, Alessandro Mazzamuto, Maria Meerovitch.

A master class will be held by the famous violinist Ivry Gitlis at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, with a concert to be held on 26 June.

The two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner will be celebrated with the performance of various instrumental transcriptions of their operas.